Smoggy Air, Not Communists, Not Terrorists, Biggest Problem In Beijing

Olympic athletes will be suffering with terrible air quality over in Beijing. This may make a difference in their performance. More than that, I’ve been wondering where the environmentalists are on this. Interestingly, the American government (EPA) has done air quality studies on the city. Now, wait just a minute. I thought that the United States was and evil, consumerist empire bent on destroying the planet while communists cared about everything–the proletariat, sharing, equity and all that. Wouldn’t the nice, sharing types also consider, diligently, the health of the workers?

Evidently not. Lefties are in an awkward position here, but they’re managing to straddle the fence. They hate China AND Bush:

Aside from whether China DESERVED to be given the hosting of the Olympics in 2008, at this point a moot question, the karmic stains from the Tibetan and Uighur genocides upon China remain as vivid and as nauseating to the very few who are conscious of such things, as the stains on our own nation vis-a-vis our atrocities in much of the Middle East, which will go on and on in their impacts for decades into the future in most of the Islamic World, which, don’t forget, includes at least 40% of Africa.

I wrote as early as 2002 to His Holiness the Dalai Lama recommending that Tibetans protest the Beijing Olympics to bring attention to the genocide of the Tibetan People, their perhaps last chance to address these matter, advice which some Tibetans have taken quite seriously.

I write this today hoping for a sense of reconciliation towards most of the world that we have alienated in the past 8 years with the Bushies and the Neocons, but I also am deeply concerned for the athletes’ health going to Beijing. I regretfully predict that several will die there, not from terrorists due to the massive security paranoia in the Chinese authorities, but from plain old air pollution, especially in runners and cyclists doing long distances in that infernal smog.

So, many will die, but not from terrorism which is based in paranoia not actual experiences. The smog will kill them. It’s a dangerous world we live in these days. Between Bush, made up terrorism stories and smog, it’s more than dangerous–it’s deadly.

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