Get Ready For The People’s Candidate

Have you noticed how Pres. Obama has made a distinct effort to make John Boehner a household name? There is a reason for that. He wants to undermine him before he becomes Speaker Of The House. This is why Obama’s Press Secretary Gibbs happily tweeted a New York Times propaganda piece on Boehner. The article accused Boehner of taking a boat load of lobbyist money. The only problem? As Ed at HotAir points out, “not only has Nancy Pelosi taken in twice as much lobbyist cash in this election as Boehner, but Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have collected more in the last six months than Boehner has in six elections.”

It’s facts like this that makes the NYT outdated and unobjective. It’s stories like this that tell us why the new media is a quickly making the old media a relic. If you’re going to work for the Democrat party, then admit it and write from that perspective. But don’t pretend you are participating in fair journalism.

While we are at it, why don’t we all stop trying to pretend that politicians in Washington, Democrat or Republican, or any better than the other. Both sides are corrupt narcissistic egomaniacs. The only reason I pull for the Republican party is it’s platform, and what they say they are fighting for. The career Republicans usually don’t practice what they preach. I don’t think a lot of people get that the Tea Party is as much about getting rid of these kind of Republicans as they are the Democrats. This is why you are seeing Republican primaries won by candidates that were not backed by the establishment GOP. And that, my friends, is freaking the NRSC and RNC out. This has never happened before. The people are choosing the candidates without the money or the backing of the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee), which are the ones who dole out the primary cash for candidates.

Now, maybe these fresh new faces aren’t polished. Maybe they can’t win the general. But a new dawn has begun. We are cleaning house. Get used to it. We may not get there this year. But we will get there.

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So take your Congressmen from casting, and your life long career politician and hit the road.

Get ready for the people’s candidate.

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