Giving Sharpton His Due

Giving Sharpton His Due: Speaking of “Race hustling poverty pimps”, I have to admit that I can’t stand Al Sharpton. That being said, I do have to give some credit for being audacious. After all, what other Democratic contender for the Presidency would have the guts to do this…

“The Rev. Al Sharpton could barely contain a smile Thursday when he visited the tomb of Robert E. Lee.

“I want people to see that if I’ll go to Robert E. Lee’s tomb, I’ll go anywhere,” said Sharpton, a controversial black activist who is running for president.

He added: “I wonder how this will play back in Harlem?”

Seeing Al Sharpton of all people do that is so outrageously, bodaciously, mind-bendingly hypocritical, that it’s actually funny…and Al knows it. I still don’t care for Sharpton, but let no one say the man doesn’t have a sense of humor =) I for one hope he stays in the race for a long time, not only because I think he may launch scathing on the top contenders and pout if he doesn’t get his way, but because he’s about as entertaining as it gets for a politician…even if he’s wrong on almost everything.

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