Why Can’t We Make Black Immigrants Into Bitter Race-Baiters Like Us?

Why Can’t We Make Black Immigrants Into Bitter Race-Baiters Like Us?: William Spriggs, the executive director of the National Urban League Institute for Opportunity and Equality is not happy. It seems that black immigrants aren’t buying into his line of racially divisive claptrap…

“When we talk of housing disparities, education problems … many [immigrants] don’t think that affects them,” said William Spriggs, executive director of the National Urban League Institute for Opportunity and Equality.

“Black politicians … haven’t been able to get [black immigrants] to buy into what white America is all about, about what white privilege is. Immigrants don’t come here with that understanding. We have to change our language to let them know that these are their problems.”

Yeah, don’t these people know they’re being oppressed and that their only hope is to vote Democrat and do whatever “race-hustling poverty pimps” like William Spriggs tell them to do? Spriggs then went on to say…

“Several of the panelists said the best way to get together all blacks – immigrants and American – is to emphasize their common ancestry of slavery. “We just got off the boat at a different point,” Mr. Spriggs said.”

What is this, the 19th century? If Spriggs got off a boat, it was probably because the National Urban League held a fund raiser on a yacht. Hilary Shelton of the NAACP added to the race-based hand wringing…

“Hilary Shelton, director of the Washington office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said there has always been a struggle over resources in minority communities.

Saying he has been around the world, “Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa … what I feel like is white supremacy is very much with us,” Mr. Shelton said.

Many immigrants are not even aware of the “color line” that prevents minorities here from excelling, other panelists said in amazement.”

How do you look at the countries he mentioned and ignore the Socialism/Communism & the corrupt and incompetent leaders and conclude that, “white supremacy” is the problem? Who are these white supremacists that are keeping the good people of Cuba down for example? Is Castro running around under a white sheet when we’re not looking? Also, if many these immigrants are not aware ‘of the “color line”‘, maybe it’s because they came from backwards countries where almost everyone is poor to the United States, where by the way, they’re doing very well…

“Studies have also found that African-born residents in the United States are better-educated and have among the highest per-capita incomes of any immigrant group. They do not arrive in large numbers, accounting for between 5 percent and 6 percent of legal immigrants since 1997, according to federal numbers.

The Economist reported in 1996 that three-quarters of African immigrants have some college experience and that one in four has an advanced degree.”

So these African immigrants are getting an education, doing well financially, and are too busy enjoying life in America and pursuing the American dream to pay attention to what people like Spriggs & Shelton think? Hey, they sound like the sort of immigrants we want in this country…

***Update***: Bill Quick at Daily Pundit weighed in on this issue as well.

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