Glenn Beck: The One Thing, 9/11

This is the only YouTube I could find (at the link),: so apologies about the idiotic “tearful rant” title you’ll see there. Thank God for him, Glenn Beck shows his emotion on his sleeve, and it’s not an act. He makes the case that we as Americans have fallen down on the job in constructing new towers to replace the World Trade Center, and thus on that score the terrorists have won.

Beck has emerged as the cable TV’s Rush Limbaugh. He’s now the focus of a giant demonization campaign on the left. And the reason is because few can combine performance art, emotional sincerity, and devastating political commentary as well. And he’s dangerous. First Van Jones defeated. Then Yosi Sergant at the NEA. The socialist-left rightly fears who’s next. The radical infiltration and ties of corruption go to the highest levels of the White House, so it’s no wonder the Democratic: long knives are out.

Beck’s essay version is here, “Remember Why We Were Attacked on Sept. 11.”

A diametrical response to Beck is here, in James Poniewozik’s, “Don’t Tell Me What 9/12 Means, Glenn Beck.” (Via Memeorandum.) Poniewozik alleges that Beck, since March, has been using September 11 as his own “personal political platform.” But that attack on Beck is entirely ridiculous. Poniewozik’s attack is just as partisan, since he’s not also taking issue with leftists currently exploiting the tragedy for political gain. Just Thursday night Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell argued that Americans should get on board with: ObamaCare because September 11 is “similarly facing down our country” and it’s a time to be “supporting our president regardless of ideology.” The Obama administration’s 9/11 commemorations, where key White House officials fanned out around the country to push the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, are just a partisan, yet diabolically ahistorical in their efforts to flush the genuine meaning of 9/11 down the memory hole. We know that this administration has long been at work to desecrate the memory of the fallen. And when President Obama yesterday declared September 11 a “tragedy,” he did a “gross disservice to both the victims of 9/11 and those who have sacrificed everything in the effort to make sure a similar “tragedy” doesn’t happen again.”

So thank you Glenn Beck. Bring on the rants – good, decent, freedom-loving Americans love ’em. We’ll pull together once more, and we won’t forget that terrorists and rogue regimes around the world are intent on America’s destruction. And we vow, always, “Never Again”!

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