Go Gorebot Go!: This may

Go Gorebot Go!: This may be good news for George Bush in 2004…

“In a field that included Gore and Joseph I. Lieberman, the former vice president was the choice of 46 percent of all self-described Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents.

Lieberman received 10 percent in that hypothetical matchup, followed by Senate Majority Leader Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.), with 8 percent; Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.), with 6 percent; House Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt (Mo.) with 5 percent; Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) with 3 percent; and Vermont Gov. Howard Dean with 1 percent. Eighteen percent said they were undecided.

Lieberman, however, has said he will not run if Gore does. Without Lieberman in the field, Gore’s share of the vote increases to 50 percent, with the remaining votes scattered among the rest of the field or undecided.”

If Gore couldn’t win in 2000 after he’d been the VP for eight years, had a strong economy to run on, and wasn’t facing a particularly tough opponent, why does anyone think he’ll be able to win 2004? Bush will be MUCH STRONGER in 2004 than he was in 2000. He already has a tax cut, an education bill, and his war accomplishments to run on and he’ll have more things to add to his resume by then. Furthermore, he’s gone after (with some success) constituency groups that Democrats tend to dominate like Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and Unions. Last but not least, the economy is already ratcheting back up and by 2004 it should be roaring again. Unless Bush makes a series of disastrous mistakes in the next couple of years I don’t see Gore beating him in 2004.

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