Let’s Put The Blame Where

Let’s Put The Blame Where It Belongs: Israel has a controversial new policy (that I agree with by the way)…

“Opening the door to a tough new policy, Israel’s attorney general determined Friday that relatives of West Bank suicide bombers can be expelled to the Gaza Strip if they encouraged or were linked to terror attacks, officials said.

…Deportations could occur “for example, if they encouraged the bomber to join the terrorist organization or even to volunteer for the suicide attack, or were involved in his recruitment,” he said.

Palestinian officials and human rights groups denounced the decision and turned to the Israeli Supreme Court to block any expulsions, saying transfer would violate international law forbidding collective punishment and forced deportations.”

Now you probably think that it’s “mean”, “unfair”, etc, etc, that Israelis may do this (the entire article for example was loaded with attacks on the policy). But what people ignore is that the Palestinians made the families of terrorists part of the war FIRST. If the Palestinians are going to use huge cash payments to the families of terrorists in order to motivate people to blow themselves up, then I see absolutely nothing wrong with Israelis deporting the families of terrorists to discourage terrorism. The “rules of war” only apply when both sides are willing to abide by them. If the Palestinians make it clear that anything goes and every Israeli from a toddler in a crib to Ariel Sharon is a legit target, then to expect the Israelis to doom more of their people by playing by rules that don’t apply is a stunning hypocrisy.

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