God Hates Cretins: If you’ve

God Hates Cretins: If you’ve cruised the internet thus far without running into the bear trap of hate called “God Hates F@gs“, consider yourself lucky. But since we here at RWN are dedicated to introducing our readers to the net’s worst creeps and hellholes, the tour wouldn’t be complete without stopping at GHF.

God Hates F@gs is run by a demented reverend named Fred Phelps who has a congregation of unknown size in Topeka Kansas. Phelps has a hatred of gays that borders on psychosis. Not only does he toss the word f@g around indiscriminately, but he’s “thanked God For AIDS” and protested the funerals of numerous gay men including murder victim Matthew Shepard. In short, this guy is a lunatic who’s eaten up with hate.

I think Conservatives and Christians have a special duty to slam hatemongers like Phelps because unfortunately, some people tie him in with us by default. But, there’s a world of difference for example, between being opposed to having public schools promote homosexuality, and defiling people’s funerals. Personally, I resent people like Phelps, David Duke, Nazis, KKK members, etc. who claim to have to have Christian or Conservative values. They don’t represent the way I think, nor the way that 99.9% of Conservatives think. However, most Conservatives accept that at face value and see no need to state what they see as an obvious fact. But, when you’re going after people like Chomsky, Fisk, McKinney, and Arafat, it never hurts to take a few gratuitous shots at a diseased mind like Phelps as well because it let’s people know that you don’t tolerate nonsense from either side of the ideological fence. In a world where left-wingers are constantly trying to misrepresent what Conservatives believe in, I think clarifying where you stand on issues like this every once in a while is worth the time.

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