Farked Again: Nothing brings in

Farked Again: Nothing brings in the hits like Fark linkage and today they sent over a deluge of traffic by linking my “Imposed Settlement vs. Transfer” post. They’re also discussing the issue and have over 150 posts so far in the thread. Here’s the most entertaining post so far…

Brisvegas_boy: “And welcome back to the 10,987th day of this intriguing game between the Palestinian raiders and the Israelite Heat. And what a magnificent day for killing it is. The game up to this stage has been a seesawing battle between two teams intent on emerging victorious, with neither side prepared to give an inch. The coaches of the respective teams will be expecting a big effort from their players today and the scene looks set for a bloodbath. A sublime piece of work in the previous play saw the local rookie, Abdul Mohammed Allah, run an explosive blindside move taking out 18 unsuspecting Isreali heat players. Abdul made a bit a mess of the play and we can not expect to see him figure any more in this game. But wait!!!!, the Israelis will not take that lying down, and have made a substitution, the offense is back on. Oh this is getting exciting. Lets go down to the touchline for a live update from our expert………..”

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