Right On Target: File 13’s

Right On Target: File 13’s Amish Tech Support riffs on Arafat’s claim that the fence the Israelis are building to stop suicide bombers in racist…

“Yasser Arafat calling the Israeli defensive wall racist is like a black gangleader saying bulletproof glass at a convenience store is racist because it keeps him from robbing the store. But instead of the police ariving to drag him off, instead the cameras arrive, spread the twisted gospel, and show the lineup of civil rights lawyers on this criminal’s side… the ACLU, the NAACP, a little mix of Jesse and Al, whomever doesn’t care where the banner flies as long as it flies and they get airtime. Then, when the cameras are gone and the ACLU lawyers have gone home to wash the gang-punk’s stink off of their suits, he’ll just sneak around back and try to rob the store owner while he’s heading for his car.

“F***in’ g**k,” he’ll spit to the dying shopkeeper as he lifts his wallet, watch, and the bag with the day’s deposits. “Shoulda never come here.” By then, all those organizations that stood up for the punk’s so-called rights won’t be there for the shopkeeper… they won’t grieve for the man’s family. They’ll just be circling, waiting for the next windmill to tilt their lances at for airtime, and the networks will be selling laundry soap and cereal with occasional interruptions for news.”

I’d say the same analogy applies to our foreign policy as well. Remember “Operation Defensive Shield?” We inisisted that the Israelis pull out even though they said they needed a few more weeks of rooting out the terrorists to get the job done. Now 19 more people, including a bunch of school children, are dead. It’s real easy for people to talk about the “peace process” over tea like it was something other than polite fiction, but the Israelis are piling up corpses every week. Meanwhile, the world’s foremost terrorist is giving speeches to CNN and praising “martyrs” to some of the same people who had a party in the street when the WTC fell. But we insist that the Israelis don’t lay a finger on him because it would irritate their terrorist supporting neighbors and because it might harm the non-existent “peace process” . Where do we draw the line and when does our seemingly limitless supply of patience run out? Is there a bodycount that’s high enough? How many Israeli school children and women waiting for buses have to die before we get serious about this? 100, 200, 500, 1000, 10,000? Would that be enough or would we still be calling for “restraint” even then?

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