Goodbye Arlen Specter

Never have I been so glad to see a Senator be defeated as I am with Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter. He emobodies all that is wrong with Congress. He claimed his seat for decades, and felt intitled to it. As Scott Brown said of Ted Kennedy’s seat, “it’s not his seat, it’s the people’s seat.”

Well over a year ago while interviewing Sen. John Cornyn, I asked how he could support Specter (who was still a Republican then) when clearly Republicans in general did not. He said he would rather support someone who voted with him 80% of the time than 0% of the time. Sen. Cornyn came to regret his support, as Specter betrayed him and the Republican party, for pure political salvation. But that is what happens to these incumbents. They feel they are above it all.

Sestak’s ad,”The Switch,” was brilliant and it hit Specter where it hurt. It showed Specter saying, “My change in party will enable me to be reelected,” Then a narrator finishes, “Arlen Specter changed parties to save one job . . . his . . . not yours.”

There are too many in Congress where it is only about them, and not about us. This is what is about to change.

It doesn’t seem to be looking good for Obama backed candidates. Specter was just one in a long line that have been rebuked by the public as they were supported by Obama. Specter follows Deeds, Corzine, and Coakley.

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