GOProud and CPA

This may not seem to be a big story in the scheme of things, but I think it speaks to what the GOP is about, how we handle differences, and how we move forward.

Liberty University Law School has withdrawn as a co-sponsor of next month’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington because a Republican homosexual activist group, GOProud, is being allowed to co-sponsor the event.

CPAC organizer David Keene ignored the request by Liberty University to not allow GOProud to be a co-sponsoe, so Liberty University bowed out.

I’ve checked with many my blogger/political/conservative friends and no one seems to have a problem with GOProud being a co-sponsor. I’m a religious conservative, and I don’t have a problem with it. I think everyone understands that we Republicans will not necessarily have to agree with everyone. We basically all agree on what the role of government should be (limited), national defense, and free market principles. Even as a co-sponsor we may be at odds with more libertarian types or more moderate types.

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One thing I have learned from the tea parties, is that we should focus on what we agree on, and work together on what we disagree on. I want any and all under the big tent of our party. How realistic is it for us to bring people to our way of thinking if we never let them know us? We foster understanding when we welcome those who agree with us on most things.

The thing that I appreciate with my conservative gay friends is the fact that their sexuality is only a part of who they are. : It isn’t their entire life. It doesn’t define them. Which is as it should bed with any sexuality. They are conservative in almost every other aspect. That’s enough for me.

We are never : going to agree on everything. Especially when it comes to personal : behavior. Even on social issues in general, we have different opinions. I’m against the death penalty. Should I not be allowed at CPAC? You see where this goes when we start going down that road? (I do see pro-life differently, since I see it as a human rights issue).

Agree or Disagree? Let me know what you think.

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