GOP’s War on Conservatives Backfires…Big Time

GOP’s War on Conservatives Backfires…Big Time

There are three camps now. There’s the Democrats, the Republicans and the Tea Party. And when it comes to donations, the Tea Party is raising HUGE amounts of loot, much to the establishment’s despair:



Whatever strategy the DC GOP is employing, though, is clearly backfiring. All the official Democrat campaign committees collectively raised around $200 million in 2013. The Republican committees raised just over $170 million. This disparity comes when the GOP hold on the House is solid and the party stands a very real chance of taking control of the Senate. It ought to be swimming in donations. The long-standing GOP advantage on fundraising has evaporated.


The most interesting data from Friday’s reports is the surging financial strength of conservative SuperPACs. Karl Rove’s three SuperPACs collectively raised $6.1 million last year. The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, where I am Political Director, alone raised $6.4 million. The four largest conservative SuperPACs raised $20 million. GOP establishment SuperPACs raised just over $7 million.

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Donors haven’t stopped giving. They have just stopped giving the Republican party.

That’s it right there.

The money’s still out there. : It’s just flowing where it’s deserved.

And it’s not just rich donors.

My friend Kira Davis posted this photo the other day on Facebook:

Click to embiggen.

Click to embiggen.

It’s the base. See, the base isn’t filled with compassionate conservative corporatists.

It’s actual conservatives.

If this keeps up, sooner or later, the Republican Party will be conservative again, because all the establishment will be broke and defeated.

At least, that’s what I’m praying for.

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