Gov. Perry Blogger Summit 2010

As far as Governors go, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas understands:  more than most, the importance of an online presence going forward in political campaigns. He is sponsoring this blogger summit.

I am sitting in panel session right now with such wonderful bloggers and political activists like Andre Breitbart, Roger Simon, Ben Domenech, Patrick Ruffini, Matt Lewis, Melissa Clouthier, and Brad Jackson.

The future of politics is all about the new media. Period. But it doesn’t hurt to be the kind of candidate/leader that knows how to connect with the people. No one does this better than Gov. Perry of Texas. Yesterday he met a bunch of us at a Austin gun range. His personable and comfortable persona connects well with everyone.: Going to a gun range and showing some of us how to shoot his Ruger: shows how: well he understands his: constituency.


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