[Graphic Video] Vicious robber punches PREGNANT store clerk in the face and left her sobbing on the floor

[Graphic Video] Vicious robber punches PREGNANT store clerk in the face and left her sobbing on the floor

If you haven’t seen this video of this thug sucker punching this pregnant lady, be warned it is very graphic!

punches store clerk

Horrific security footage taken at a Florida Boost Mobile store shows a robber violently punch a pregnant clerk before making off with all the place in the cash. Police say 41-year-old Vincent Lavon Johnson is the man who so callously beat down Jessica Smith, 35, in the Pensacola store on Wednesday.

While difficult to watch, the video is part of what helped police quickly identify Johnson as the subject before nabbing him early Thursday. Before feeling the relief of seeing the man she identified as her assailant put in jail, Smith had to first suffer the brutal attack.

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Footage shows Smith as she greets the man. He fidgets for a moment, puts something in his pocket, then completely without warning he throws a punch over the counter and hits Smith squarely in the face. The gruesome seconds thereafter show her fly through the air and hit the floor in a heap.

‘Please!’ she pleads. ‘I’m pregnant!’

The man struts around to the employee side of the desk and demands to know how to open the register.

‘Oh my God,’ Smith moaned as she lay on the ground. ‘There is a button.’

The man then opens the till and stuffs cash into his pants before making a hasty exit. According to WEAR, the Pensacola Police received several tips naming Johnson as the assailant after distributing the footage for media broadcast. Thursday morning, officers responding to a tip found Johnson wearing the same clothes as in the video, but he quickly ran from them.

Following a brief chase with a K9 unit, police arrested Johnson at a Pensacola home. He’s charged with felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary. Smith was reportedly taken to an area hospital with a broken nose and is expected to recover.

What kind of man would punch a pregnant lady just to rob a few hundred dollar bills? No man would. Vincent Lavon Johnson may look 41 years old but his actions show he is no man. Mother’s teach your children to respect the women who bring life into this world… even if their career choice is going to be a thug, there should still be some lines even they won’t cross.

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