Group To File Lawsuit Against Cleveland Indians Over “Offensive” Mascot

Group To File Lawsuit Against Cleveland Indians Over “Offensive” Mascot

It continues:


Amid the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins’ team name, some Native American groups hope public outcry turns toward a different team’s symbol, more than 300 miles to the northwest: Chief Wahoo, the bright red, wide-grinning face of the Cleveland Indians baseball team.

“It’s been offensive since day one,” Robert Roche, a Chiricahua Apache and longtime opponent of the Indians’ team name and logo, told NBC News. “We are not mascots. My children are not mascots. We are people.”

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Roche said his group, People Not Mascots, is preparing to file a federal lawsuit against the Indians over the team name and logo. He expects the suit to be filed by the end of July.

The Cleveland Indians declined to comment to NBC News.

Groups like People Not Mascots hope that new pressure will be applied to the Indians following last Wednesday’s decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which stripped the Redskins of its trademark and declared the team name to be “a racial slur.”

So, Chief Wahoo and the Indian name is offensive? “Redskins” is a racial slur?

Somebody might want to tell Red Mesa High School, which is almost 100 percent Navajo.

Clearly they are all racists.

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