Hamas & Islamic Jihad Can Count On France’s Support

If you needed any evidence that France doesn’t see the war on terrorism as America does, you need look no further than this

“France voices objections to placing Hamas and Islamic Jihad on the European Union’s list of terror organizations, ynet reported Monday.

Diplomatic advisor to President Chirac, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, is quoted to have said to the Israeli ambassador in France, Nissim Zvilli, that there is no proof that these two organizations are terror groups. “If we find that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are indeed terror groups opposed to peace, we may have to change the EU’s stand,” said Gourdault-Montagne. “However, we mustn’t limit ourselves to one, clear cut, position.”

Of course, the French for being cowardly appeasers who are inclined to look the other way because Hamas & Islamic Jihad are for the most part limiting their activities to murdering Jews. Make no mistake about it, if Hamas was sending suicide bombers into Belgium or Finland and blowing up buses full of non-Jewish school kids, the French would be falling all over themselves to declare them terrorists. This is a loathsome position to take, even for the French…

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