Misc For August 25, 2003

A few things…

— RWN appreciates our advertisers at American Realpolitik, Right Wing Stuff, D-42, Zogby Blog, Electric Venom, Ravenwood’s Universe, The Catholic Samurai, & Ghost Of A Flea.

If you enjoy reading RWN, why not take a look at some of our advertisers…unless you’re a commie who hates advertising and profit & the whole capitalist system. Is that what you are? Are you sure? Then let’s take a little test. How many links to RWN’s advertisers have you clicked on in this post?

0 — I love hippies and Hillary Clinton!
1 — Thank goodness Gorbachev decided to turn the Soviet Union into a Democracy & saved the world from Ronald Reagan.
2 or 3 — Ted Kennedy? He’s my favorite Senator!
4 or 5 — I think Helen Thomas is snuggalicious!
6 or more — Trumpets blow when I enter, women swoon in my presence, and young children want to be like me when they grow up!

— I was scheduled to release an article titled, “Left-wing bloggers select the greatest figures in American history” tomorrow. However, while the Conservative numbers bounced back from the last week, the liberal numbers did not. So rather than just release the article with less than 30 replies, I’m going to find another 30 or so lefty bloggers and give them an opportunity to vote as well. That means the article will not be released until Thursday.

— Speaking of the bloggers select articles, there will be no new polls next week. I’m going to be on vacation Mon & Tues & there are some other articles I’ll need the time to work on. Also, I’m going to be adding new bloggers to both lists. If you run a left or right wing blog that REGULARLY UPDATES and you want to be included, shoot me an email or post in the comments section and I’ll try to include you on the next poll.

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