Handicapping The Governor’s Races

John Hood over at The Corner handicaps the much neglected governor’s races…

“With regards to governors, Republicans go into the 2004 cycle with 28 vs. 22 for the Democrats. There are 11 gubernatorial races up for grabs, though it looks to me like six of these are essentially decided: three for the Rs and three for the Ds. The five remain matchups are:

***Gov. Joe Kernan (D) vs. Mitch Daniels (R) in Indiana. Likely GOP takeover.
***Claire McCaskill (D) vs. Matt Blount (R) in Missouri. Leaning GOP takeover.
***John Lynch (D) v. Gov. Craig Benson (R) in New Hampshire. Leaning GOP retention, unless a big Kerry wave materializes.
***Brian Schweitzer (D) v. Bob Brown (R) in Montana. Likely Democratic takeover.
***Christine Gregoire (D) vs. Dino Rossi (R) in Washington. Leaning Democratic retention.”

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