The Nine Most Significant Moments Of The Campaign

The New York Times asked several bloggers what they “thought was the most important event or moment of the campaign”. I wasn’t one of the bloggers they contacted, but I thought it would be fun to answer the question.

To make this challenging, I’m going do it in order and in exactly 5 minutes,…

9) Dan Rather was savaged in memogate which stole oxygen from Kerry and undercut the MSM’s credibility.
8) Cheney beats Edwards into the ground in his debate.
7) John Edwards barely gives Kerry any sort of boost in the polls at all during the election.
6) The Republican Convention gets W rolling with an 8-10 point boost.
5) Bin Laden warns Americans in the final days of the campaign.
4) John Kerry takes a dig at Mary Cheney in the 3rd debate and stalls his momentum.
3) The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth spend August savaging Kerry.
2) Kerry gets the mo going in his favor by winning the first debate.
1) The Democrats botch their convention and only give Kerry a small boost.

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