Happy April Fools Day!

Granted, this year’s prank probably doesn’t top Lincoln Chafee’s Compassionate Conservatism Blog from last year, but it’s tough to pull off a “best ever” goof every single year.

Still, I did go the extra mile and actually bought a domain name, Celebrity Slut Puppies, to give people that little twinge of doubt that yes, maybe, just maybe, this was for real.

Honestly, the design of the celeb blog would have been a little better (much more pink) but I accidentally screwed up Right Wing News last night while I was coding and spent futile hours trying to fix the mess I created. Eventually, my designer, Danny Carlton woke up and got the whole thing straightened out in about 10 minutes.

In any case, RWN returns tomorrow to a regular schedule tomorrow. Until then, check out some of the great links at Conservative Grapevine like,

The Telegraph: The 101 most useful websites

Cracked: The 10 craziest scientific experiments ever conducted

Thomas Sowell: Irony on Wall Street

The Grumpiest: Danielle Bux bikini pictures

See you tomorrow!

Note: For anyone taking a look at this post down the road, it was part of an April Fool’s prank.

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