Has Al-Qaeda Developed An Undetectable Explosive Liquid That Can Be Worn On Clothes?

Has Al-Qaeda Developed An Undetectable Explosive Liquid That Can Be Worn On Clothes?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m a little dubious of any reports that Al-Qaeda is capable of inventing anything. Granted, some of the more clever cave dwellers might be adept at combining already existing technology, but could they really manage something like this?


Senior US officials have voiced growing concerns that al-Qa’ida may have developed a liquid explosive that could be undetectable under current security systems whilst the military has evacuated its non-essential government personnel from Yemen.

An explosive liquid developed to be dipped onto ordinary clothing, becoming explosive when dry, could be used in a potential attack, according to two senior government officials briefed on the terror threat that has prompted the closure of nearly two dozen US embassies.

Another senior official has reportedly said that it may not be detectable under the current security measures.

The new technique is believed to have been developed by Yemen-based al-Qa’ida affiliate al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), of which bomb-maker Ibrahim al-Asiri is associated.

Al-Asiri is thought to have masterminded explosive devices such as the underwear bomb and surgically implanted body bombs.

Obama may have declared that the war on terror is over, but as our embassy closures prove, Al-Qaeda apparently hasn’t gotten that message. So, whether the new explosive clothing exists or not, we have to stay focused on putting these animals in the ground as fast as possible.

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