Having Gonzales Resign Would Be Counter-Productive

If you believe the rumors that are flying around, Alberto Gonzales is going to resign soon,

“Key figures in both parties believe Gonzales, who first went to work for George W. Bush as his general counsel in the Texas governor’s office in 1995, will wind up resigning over the imbroglio. “I think he’s gone,” said a Republican official close to Bush. Gonzales would not be fired, key officials said, and the White House continued to say over the weekend that he has Bush’s “full confidence.” Republicans point out that Bush may not want to undergo the bloodletting that would be involved in trying to win confirmation of a Gonzales successor. And Democrats admit that even if Gonzales departed, that would not sate their insistence on hearing from Rove and other White House officials who were involved.”

Well, there you go. Setting aside the fact that the Bush White House did absolutely nothing wrong by firing those US Attorneys, what exactly would a Gonzales resignation accomplish? Let’s see, if Gonzales resigned,

#1) It would cement the false impression that Bush did something wrong in the minds of the American people.

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#2) It wouldn’t end the furor. To the contrary, it would accelerate it as the Democrats would be inspired to try to take more scalps.

#3) There would be a long, ugly battle over Gonzales’ successor.

So, having Gonzales resign would be counter-productive.

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