Having tired of kicking Paul Krugman around…*

…I’ll instead take a swipe at Dr. Richard Thaler, who, in the New York Times this weekend, wrote:

Want to give affluent households a present worth $700 billion over the next decade?

Regular news junkies will recognize that “$700 billion” number as the estimated value of extending the Bush tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000 a year. Professor Thaler calls it a “present.” Letting people keep their own money is a “present” from us to them.

Because it’s ours, you stupid conservatives. Don’t you get that? Not yours. Ours.

Makes you wonder what Dr. Thaler thinks about that British plan to have all paychecks go to the government first.

One more quote:

Tax cuts are one of many ways to stimulate the economy. Building infrastructure, for example, is another. We have to choose.

We can either extend those tax cuts, or fix roads. Because, see, there just won’t be any money left in government anywhere, if we keep the top marginal rate at 35%.

Sheesh. I really need to get that doctorate.

* Ha! As if I’d ever get tired of that!

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