Hell hath no fury….

…..like a woman scorned.

So what will the scorned Hillary Clinton do at the convention? Will she
stand by submissively like she did for her husband? She has been
well-schooled that way. Her supporters might not be too happy about seeing her docile this time around. Even a Vice Presidency is unlikely to appease them.

My guess is that she’ll maintain her dignity, but her followers won’t be so dignified.

It’s amazing to me, really. This is how emotional the Democrats are all
around: Hillary is the stronger candidate. Obama keeps revealing
himself to be tone-deaf and rather dull-witted not to mention perniciously narcissistic
and unqualified, but there is no way in hell that he’s not going to be
the candidate even though he polls weaker against McCain.

In this election year, almost any Democrat would have been stronger
than almost any Republican and yet, the Democrats put up the one
candidate who can be beat. I’m glad they aren’t rational. It might
spare the country some serious harm.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier

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