Obama’s Church of Anti-Americanism Rakes in Tax Money

Barack Obama’s recently strategically disowned church, which he had been attending for 20 years, is famous not just for its hostility to Caucasians, but for its fiery denunciations of America. Long-term friends of Obama like Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger are famous for drawing rousing applause by screaming “God damn America!” and “America is the greatest sin against God!

All this hate must be directed against America’s people, not its government, which has been extraordinarily generous toward Trinity United, having treated it to at least $15 million in federal grants.

Andrew Walsh of the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life with Trinity College in Hartford explains why there’s no hypocrisy involved in Reverend Wrong’s habit of biting the hand that feeds:

Wright believes things like the government-funded programs are a necessary compensation for the legacy of white racism, part of what’s necessary to heal the wounds inflicted over four centuries on blacks.

I keep forgetting: white people are the racists, not the Black Liberation Theology maniacs screaming racial epithets from their tax-exempt and taxpayer-subsidized pulpits.

If the government is already extracting $millions from our paychecks to shower down upon the Reverend Wrights of the world, imagine what it will be like with Obama as President. Race-based “churches” may be the only sector of the economy that will actually grow.

Barack Obama Jeremiah Wright
They may soon be in charge of your bank account.

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