Help Send Tabitha Hale To Haiti

Help Send Tabitha Hale To Haiti

My friend and co-blogger Tabitha Hale is going to Haiti to help out:

Tabitha Hale Joy in Hope Ministries, the parent organization of Haitian Children’s Home, has done incredible work in Haiti since for the past month. They were some of the first to get supplies in. The mayor of Jacmel turned the airport over to Gwenn and Nick and allowed them to effectively run it until others could get there. The Canadian military set up a clinic on their land, and treats hundreds daily.

…They are sending in their first team since the quake the first week of March, and I’ve been asked to go down to Jacmel with them. We will be passing out supplies in the refugee camp, working in an orphanage that has been bombarded with babies since the quake, feeding people, and hopefully rebuilding the home of a Joy in Hope employee. It’s going to be brutal, and as many photos as we’ve seen and first hand accounts as we have heard, nothing can prepare us for what we might see.

Tabitha needs $1200 to pay her way over and she could really use your help to raise that money. So, if you’ve been thinking about helping people out in Haiti, but haven’t been sure where to send the money, this is your opportunity. Even if it’s just a few bucks, Tabitha can use it and she will be making a difference over there.

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Plus, as an extra added bonus, she has promised to post about the whole experience on RWN when she returns, so you will actually be able to see what your money helped accomplish in Haiti.

If you want to help Tabitha make a difference in Haiti, you can chip in here.

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