Top 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media Hate Mail

Needless to say our traffic increased exponentially after John posted his Top 20 List of Hottest Conservative Women in New Media. With the traffic came a wonderful barrage of hate mail, emphasis on the word hate. So we decided to share some of the more colorful and “tolerant” messages from our lovely liberal fanboys (or maybe girls, who knows, they all look the same). Enjoy!

“Kerrie you have some nice tits, but you sure are a dumb f-cking whore.”

“I have been reading your site for a while, and I have followed Sparta’s posts since she slimed up digg. You two are probably two of the most hateful and ignorant b-tches I have ever come across in my 38 years on this earth. Sparta I hope you are still a virginal prude and not planning on procreating anytime soon, no doubt your children would be dumb c-nts just like you.”

“Sharon just because your great-grandparents were killed by Nazis doesn’t make you Jewish you ignorant bimbo. Read a book once and a while, you might learn something.”

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“Every other post on this site is either racist or so unintelligible, I can’t even get past the first two sentences. I can see why you two made it on a list that was based soly on looks, it’s about all you have going for you.”

“I see you like to write about abstinence, but yet you look like you should be on the cover of a porn magazine. I bet you say a prayer every day that you won’t be as big of a c-ck s-cking sl-t that you are. Right wing f-cking fundie hypocrites.”

“Your f-cking ugly and stupid. You look like a couple of horse faces.”

“Saw you too make some hot list on RightWingf-ck news. Great job. You have a p-ssy, just no brain.”

“You two pollute the earth with your hatred and bigotry. Doesn’t your god tell you to love your neighbor?”

“Kerry you hsould be in Playboy. I would hate f-ck the hell out of you.”

There were some disparaging and hateful comments left about the women who made it on our most influential fb patriot list, we left those out, purely out of respect for the ladies. This is the list:

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