‘Evil’ Killer Smirks in Court After Facing Charges For ‘Stabbing Teen Girl to Death & Carrying Her Butchered Body Past Her Mother’

‘Evil’ Killer Smirks in Court After Facing Charges For ‘Stabbing Teen Girl to Death & Carrying Her Butchered Body Past Her Mother’

The Ohio teen accused of stabbing a teenage girl to death stuffed her body in a playpen bag and brazenly carried it past her mother in ‘a baby thing,’ police said.

Murderer smirks

Ricki D. Williams IV, 18, of Youngstown, was called ‘evil’ by the prosecutor after a Wednesday court hearing in the death of 16-year-old Gina Burger. Authorities claim said he confessed to killing the girl and dumping her body in a Pennsylvania landfill. Williams appeared to smirk as he was led out of court following the short hearing, after which the prosecutor said: ‘There is evil in the world and he’s one of those evil people.’

Burger was stabbed inside an apartment at a complex in Austintown, where she lived with her mother, police said. Another woman helped Williams dispose of the body under threat of death, according to police. The teen, assumed by authorities to be homeless, is charged with aggravated murder and kidnapping. Authorities will seek the death penalty, an official told WPXI.

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Jaqueline Bacher reported her daughter missing around 11 p.m. on June 23, three hours after Burger had left their apartment to borrow bags for iced tea. A police report said Bacher told officers that while she waited outside for an officer to take a missing person’s report, she saw Williams walk out of another apartment struggling to carry what appeared to be a bag used to store a portable playpen. Bacher told police that Williams asked her if she ‘wanted to buy a baby thing.’

An officer soon arrived and Bacher did not see what Williams did with the bag, the police report said. She said she saw what appeared to be the same bag in a trash container outside the apartment complex the next day. A worker found Burger’s body June 25 at a landfill in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, about 45 miles north of Pittsburgh. It is not clear how the homeless teen got the body to the landfill.

On June 26, police went to the apartment of a woman Burger sometimes visited. A manager of the complex let them inside and police discovered blood stains throughout the home. The woman said Williams forced her and Burger into the woman’s bedroom and allowed them to smoke a ‘last cigarette,’ the police report said. Williams then tried to force the woman to stab Burger. When she refused, Williams grabbed the knife and stabbed the teen once in the chest, the report said.

People in that neighborhood are lucky Ricki is locked away and can’t terrorize young women anymore. Good riddance!

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