Hezbollah Gets A Sloppy Wet Kiss From The Associated Press

You have got to love this headline from the Associated Press:

“Survival may equal victory for Hezbollah”

Isn’t that a pretty low threshhold for victory? If the Israelis don’t kill ever single member of Hezbollah, then Hezbollah wins? By that standard, didn’t the Nazis win World War 2?

But, that’s the least of the problems with this article by Hamza Hendawi, which reads like most of it was cribbed from a Hezbollah press release:

“Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah acknowledges that Israeli troops can sweep across south Lebanon. But if he and his militants can survive and keep fighting, he will cement his image as the unlikely new hero of Arab nationalism.

…Anticipating the ground assault, Nasrallah sought to ensure his group’s survival and safeguard its widening base of support in Lebanon and abroad by lowering the bar for what would constitute victory.

In a television interview broadcast Friday, he defined victory as a successful defense.

And he acknowledges the gravity of defeat.

“A defeat in Lebanon will end the region’s resistance movements, the Palestinian cause and impose Israel’s conditions for a settlement,” he warned.

His previous warnings were even more dire.

“If Israel is able to defeat the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon, God forbid, then the Arab world, governments and peoples will drown in eternal humiliation from which they will have no way out.”

…A fiery orator who deftly mixes threats with lighthearted comments, Nasrallah lost his 18-year-old son, Hadi, during a fight with Israeli troops in 1997. He refused to receive mourners, praised God’s “ultimate grace and kindness” for choosing a family member as a martyr and allowed another son, Jawad, to join the guerrillas.

“We love martyrdom,” he said on Friday. “But we take precautions to deny the enemy an easy victory.”

…Victory or defeat, Nasrallah already has a place in the hearts of millions of Arabs angered and ashamed by their governments’ perceived acquiescence to Israeli and U.S. policies.

A defeat on the battlefield is unlikely to change that so long as Hezbollah is seen to have put up a good fight. In fact, it could give the 46-year-old, mid-ranking cleric hero status.

…Charismatic, sharp and media savvy, Nasrallah seems aware of respect and admiration he and his organization enjoy. He speaks with a confidence that sometimes borders on arrogance.

He also taunts his critics in the Arab world, led by key U.S. allies Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan.

“I say to Arab leaders: I don’t want your swords and I don’t want your hearts … Leave us alone.”

Gosh, what a swell guy Nasrallah is! I guess the whole Arab world should support their new hero, Nasrallah, in the fight against Zionist oppressors! Ok, everyone chant with me, Hez-boll-ah, Hez-boll-ah, Hez-boll-ah! Was that what Hamza Hendawi was going for there?

If Hezbollah is paying this guy, they need to up his salary. If he’s not on the payroll, then they should at least send him a birthday present next year. He deserves at least that much of a reward for this Hezbollah propaganda that he managed to get published under the banner of “objective journalism” at the AP.

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