The Most Acceptable And Unacceptable Candidates In 2008

Over at GOPbloggers, they’ve polled the readers on the right side of the blogosphere to find out which candidates they found to be acceptable and unacceptable as the GOP’s nominee in 2008. They’ve had over 6000 responses (including more than 1880 from Right Wing News) and here’s how things broke out:

The Top Tier Candidates

George Allen: 69% acceptable and 18.3% unacceptable = +50.7%
Newt Gingrich: 63.1% acceptable and 28% unacceptable = 35.1%
Rudy Giuliani: 57.6% acceptable and 33.2% unacceptable = 24.4%

2nd Tier Candidates

Mitt Romney: 50.9% acceptable and 34.6% unacceptable = +16.3%
Tom Tancredo: 45.2% acceptable and 38.7% unacceptable = +6.5%
Sam Brownback: 37.1% acceptable and 41% unacceptable = -3.9%
Mike Huckabee: 35% acceptable and 40.9% unacceptable = -5.9%

3rd Tier Candidates

John McCain: 21% acceptable and 68.7% unacceptable = -47.7%
Bill Frist: 18.6% acceptable and 66.8% unacceptable = -48.3%
George Pataki: 12.2% acceptable and 71.3%% unacceptable = -59.1%
Chuck Hagel: 10.6% acceptable and 70% unacceptable = -59.4%

The media keeps trying to shoehorn McCain and Giuliani into the front runner position with Romney as the dark horse.

Unfortunately for McCain, independents and Democrats don’t get to pick the winner of the Republican primary; conservatives do, and they don’t like McCain. Conservatives do seem to like Rudi, but his support of gay marriage, abortion, and gun control (among other left-of-center positions) will keep him from winning. Romney? It seems highly unlikely that any Republican who has done what it takes to thrive in a state as liberal as Massachusetts is going to be able to prove his conservative bona fides to the base.

Then, outside of the big 3, there’s Newt. Conservatives absolutely love Gingrich, but they don’t love all the personal baggage he’s carrying and that will probably keep him from getting the nomination.

So, unless someone new enters the field, there’s only one candidate left standing at the top of the heap, almost by default: George Allen. Is that good? Is that bad? Depends on how you look at it, but at the moment, he looks like the man to beat.

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