Hillary’s Slow-Motion Downward Spiral Continues

After the 2004 election, Hillary looked like a shoe-in for the Democratic nomination. However, she has been on a long downhill slide since then. Although she looks like she’s going to be reelected in 2006 without breaking a sweat and is raising staggering amounts of money, the liberal bloggers aren’t fans and her pals in the media have started to sour on her.

However, she has still managed to hold a solid lead among Democrats in the 2008 polls…until now. The Des Moines Register had 399 registered voters in Iowa who are likely Democratic caucus participants polled and Hillary came in second to……drumbeat please….John Edwards?

Hillary is losing to the Silky Pony in Iowa? That’s not a good omen for a supposedly unstoppable front runner and it may throw a real monkey wrench into Hillary’s strategy.

Because Hillary looked like such a juggernaut going into the primaries, she has been able to very publicly stake out center-left positions, particularly on the war, without worrying too much about what her liberal base thinks about it.

However, with her support getting softer and gooier by the month, she’s going to feel a lot of pressure to veer back to the left. That could put Hillary in a real pickle, because the one thing that would really shore up her support with her base would be to loudly get behind cutting and running in Iraq.

But, if she does hook to the left on the war, it would make it immeasurably hard for her to portray herself as a strong, tough, commander and chief. And if the American people don’t believe Hillary can be trusted to handle national security, she won’t be the next President. As it is, that will be a tough hill for the junior Senator from New York to climb. But, if she pulled a “Murtha” on Iraq, well, then that hill would turn into a mountain. Of course, you have to figure that Hillary thinks it’s better to try to climb a mountain in the election than to lose in the primaries.

For the moment? Hillary will probably stand pat on the war and try to appeal to the base in other ways — by attacking Ann Coulter for instance. But, if Hillary really gets in trouble? There’s no issue she won’t do a 180 on to save her candidacy.

Remember back in February of 2003 when she said:

“I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

Well, the same woman who said that voted for the amnesty bill in the Senate that allows illegal aliens to stay here, collect Social Security, get a break on their taxes owed, become citizens, etc., etc. Will she flip-flop on the war, too? She’ll probably be reluctant to do so, but if her liberal support keeps eroding, anything is possible.

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