The Pro-Wrestling Take On Illegal Immigration

So, last night, via TiVo, I’m watching TNA wrestling, which is the alternative to the WWE. These guys don’t have a lot of really big, big, names, nor do they feature women showing a lot of skin, which is odd given their name, but they put on a much better show from top to bottom than the WWE.

Anyway, the thing that really caught my eye was that TNA actually has a “bad guy,” Konnan, whose shtick is being pro-illegal immigration. Seriously.

Last night, he went up to the announcer’s booth and started doing commentary. Here are a few quotations that I jotted down while he was talking.

“A guest worker program? You guys are so racist. It’s like be our guest, now go to work.”

“This is a racist industry. This a racist company.”

“We will speak any language we want.”

“We will stay in this country as long as we want.”

On top of all this, he ragged on an Indian guy, Sonjay Dutt, because he claimed that he was trying to assimilate and Konnan even had a “border area” set-up that he and some other Hispanic wrestlers, the Latin American Exchange, dared anyone to cross.

So, what does this mean for the immigration bill in Congress? I don’t have the slightest idea. But, the fact that the illegal immigration issue has broken so big that it has actually turned into a pro-wrestling gimmick may be a pretty good indication that being perceived as soft on illegals is bad for a politician’s political health in most parts of the country.

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