I love it! This is being sponsored by GOProud. They had a booth at CPAC across from Smart Girl Politics, so I got to know the Executive Director, Jimmy LaSalvia. A great guy.

There are many who aren’t thrilled with GOProud, but there are many who are. The libertarian wing of our party is thrilled with it, but I’m of the religious wing, so why I am thrilled? Because the conservative gays that I know don’t think that the only issues are gay marriage or “don’t ask, don’t tell.” They are with us on most other conservative issues. I don’t agree with many conservatives on a whole range of issues, but I still consider them conservative. Why should gay conservatives be any different? The way I see it, sexuality is a private thing. You may not believe that, given how our society has made it so public, but it is. I don’t care what you do in the bedroom, and I’m sure you don’t care what I do. I like to leave sexuality where it should be, behind a closed door between two consenting adults. But if you are with me on a limited government, a strong adherence to the constitution, lower taxes, property rights, free market principles, school choice, tax incentives, gun rights, and pro-life, then I know you are in my corner, and I don’t care what you do in private. It’s your life. It’s your decisions. This is politics, not church. I’ll leave the judging to God.

The GOP is and always has been about a big tent. We can disagree on some things, but especially in this big government atmosphere, we can agree to stand together against it.

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Some liberals may be foaming at the mouth at Ann Coulter being the keynote. They don’t get Coulter any more than they get Rush. Let them rant. We know she is a provocateur, and we know we agree with her more than we disagree.

So if you are gay and conservative and will be in New York City on Sept. 25th, sign up!

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