House planned ‘from the beginning’ to angle for a one-year delay to set up 2014 election showdown

House planned ‘from the beginning’ to angle for a one-year delay to set up 2014 election showdown

If the GOP leadership have set up this angle of delaying the implementation of ObamaCare for a year from the beginning, I’m sure they didn’t plan on how RINOs in the party were exposed for failing to defund ObamaCare .

I think Ted Cruz comes out smelling like a rose because he’s grabbed the heart of the conservative base.The GOP establishment may not like it, but he’s a force to be reckon with from this point forward.

Daily Mail reports Republicans in the House of Representatives have been demanding a complete defunding of the Obamacare law in order to set up the White House for a one-year implementation delay and a 2014 electoral showdown, an aide to a senior gopersRepublican congressman has told MailOnline.

The Senate passed its first major procedural hurdle with ease on Friday, with a 79-19 vote to end debate, in which more than half of Republicans joined with Democrats. Two more votes, both strictly along party lines, amended a House budget resolution to strip language defunding Obamacare, and then to approve the resolution itself.

The GOP’s political calculations are clear: Forcing Democrats to delay the Affordable Care Act’s enforcement for 12 months would shift the current national anxieties about health insurance to this time next year — just weeks before the crucial 2014 congressional elections.

‘Look,’ said the House aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, ‘you have to understand that we’ve been working for the delay from the beginning. There’s no way the White House was going to agree to killing the funding, but if we led with a demand for a one-year “time out,” we couldn’t have gotten that.’

‘It’s like every negotiation in business, in politics, in sports salary arbitration: You make an unreasonable demand because you really want something more reasonable.’

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