How the GOP Will Get and Keep the Youth Vote in 2012

There are many current reasons why the youth vote in 2012 will be overwhelming against the current president and in turn his liberal party. Through a majority of his actions he has consistently attacked this demographic. From Obamacare to the student loan takeover, it seems like the people who helped him arrive where he is now are being treated like the “enemies” he recently called his legislative opponents. Despite this, the youth vote was not the Republican’s best friend this year. However, there are simple steps which can be taken within the actions our party can take to obtain and keep the youth vote in 2012 and beyond.

1. Talk to us about what’s affecting us. Through my work on a youth-targeted radio and TV program, I have many conversations with young conservatives, independents and 20-something
former Obama canvassers who now call themselves Obama converts. One thing that they are most concerned about is the fact that programs which should inform them of issues that affect them only touch on certain aspects, leaving them to research what is being done to their futures. One 25-year-old who is currently on his third unpaid internship as a result of the declining job offers almost cried when I told him the current administration is looking to abolish the experiential jobs he is obtaining. Another current graduate said, “Talk to us and we will talk back, don’t talk and we wont be here to listen.”
Hence, the step here is to create a format which consistently discusses what is occurring in our name and what we need to do to stop or support it. We may tweet and watch YouTube and write statuses on Facebook, but that in no way means we are easy to trick occasionally and will follow without question. In fact, the education we are giving ourselves is exactly where you should be helping us in. Further, with the advent of the tea party movement, information may be more researched but like votes are best obtained with door to door canvassing personal interaction by a party about the issue of a group will bring that group closer to voting for you and staying with you.

2. Keep your promises, because we are here the longest and we will remember. Pledges and promises are only as good as the paper they were written on until the actual activity makes the front page and more importantly the life of the citizen. The recent win of the House is not an opportunity to celebrate but for the party to show their real colors of American integrity not to mention start much needed repairs to the nation in so many ways. Both our economy, security and even in some instances our independence is at risk. Not only are things needed to be done now but followed up on in the long term. Do not use any pledge like a check list but a guiding light that you will follow, or we will follow someone else.

3. Recognize we are a Generation Affected by Much. We are the generation whose post-high school education began when two towers fell. While our borders are broken, our families struggling and our nation fighting an international war that was brought on us. We may not be what some people call “The Greatest Generation” but we are one of both great adversity and challenge. We see the debt calculators clicking upwards faster than we take a breath and are working to compete with CEOs for our first jobs. Look into our eyes and tell us how you will help us, not how you will “try” because, with the loans from the schools and the charges from the administration, we cannot wait for “try.”

4. Watch what you do, because we are watching too. Believe or not, we are not talking about YouTube right now but long-term and honest impact and guidance. We are the future leaders of the
nation and we are looking for the ones to follow not only to the voting booth but throughout our own ability to create the right influence on the nation. If you really want to create a legacy, we are the way to do it in more ways than you could have ever imagined.
The votes of 2010 on the youth side was not worthy of much celebration for the right side of the aisle. The aftermath however, elections of new legislators with fresh faces and fresher ideas, along with the previous list can and will turn the young voter results around for 2012 and beyond. With the actions of both the Republican incumbents and new class promised already, the real alteration needs to be the information venues, language and more importantly, honesty.
The takeover of the House is not only an opportunity for America, but for the conservative and Republican cause if done correctly. There is not only work to be done on the nation but also on the party as a whole. Once these both come to fruition, only then can we truly celebrate victory.

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