How The Mighty Fall Part II

t’s really amazing that after one year of Obama, Democrats are dropping like flies:

“Four top Democrats – including veteran Sens. Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan – all prepared to pull the plug on their campaigns in a 24-hour period that began Tuesday, and in the process, offered an unnerving glimpse at the perilous election year ahead.

I’m sure a year ago when The One was elected, Democrats thought that the their world would be all rainbows and roses. Pres. Obama was going to give us “hope and change.” “Yes We Can!” was the rallying cry. Now It looks as if many Democrats are saying, “No, we can’t.”

In other “No, we can’t” news, watch this string of clips that show Obama promising to televise heath care negotiations on C-span.

It seems to me that whoever runs against Obama next time will simply have to run an ad showing Obama promising one thing, and then doing the opposite. It will be a long commercial, sure, but effective. Don’t you think?

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