HuffPo Palin Family Shooting Gallery

Huffington Post offers a thoughtful service: individual pages for members of the Palin family, where its moonbat readers can deposit gobs of stinking guano.

From Todd Palin’s page:

interesting point raised by other posters here. not suggesting anything, but why is todd palin never seen holding his child? sorry, maybe it’s just the general vibe, but almost nothing about these people seems straightforward…

From Track Palin’s page:

My gaydar went off too…seriously…if Track is gay…does that mean that the entire Republican party will have to rally around his right to be a sinner like they have done with Bristol.

From Bristol Palin’s page:

I guess pe-martial sex will now become a status symbol among the religious right now that they see abstinence doesn’t work and lucky you if you become a teen age mother, that’s the RIGHT thing to do.

From the page for 14-year-old Willow Palin:

She’s cute. Wonder why she’s not married yet? She’s practically a spinster in chillbilly land.

From the page for 6-year-old Piper, pictured holding little Trig:

They learnt bout breedin’ early in the Palin family!!!

In light of the mainstream media’s vicious attacks on the Palin family, HuffPo’s new feature could almost have you thinking that there’s a larger objective than just trying to destroy Saracuda. Maybe the ultimate goal is for no decent people to go into politics, for fear of the abuse that will be heaped on their families. Then moonbats could run unopposed.

In moonbats’ crosshairs, each and every one.

On a tip from Todd D. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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