Obama’s Idea of a “Great Mayor” Is Headed to Jail

We can’t judge Obama on his record, because he doesn’t have one. Most people won’t judge him on his associations, alarming as these are, because his enablers in the media refuse to report on them. But we can still judge him on his judgment. For example, he dismissed the remarkable Sarah Palin as the uh uh uh no-account mayor of a dinky town that doesn’t matter. In contrast, Detroit’s Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, a Democrat superdelegate, was praised by the Obamessiah as a “great mayor” who has been “doing an outstanding job.”

This just in:

In a courtroom this morning, Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two felony counts of obstructing justice by committing perjury. He will spend four months in jail, pay up to $1 million in restitution, and serve five years’ probation. He also agreed not to run for office during that five-year span.

In addition, the mayor agreed to a no-contest plea to one count of felonious assault for shoving a sheriff’s deputy in July who had tried to serve a subpoena on Kilpatrick’s friend. He agreed to serve four months on that charge, too, but it will be served at the same time as his other sentence.

The deals also call for Kilpatrick to turn over his state pension to the City of Detroit, which paid $8.4 million to settle two whistle-blower lawsuits three former cops filed against the city. The mayor was charged with eight felony counts ranging from conspiracy to perjury to misconduct in office to obstruction of justice after the Free Press revealed in January that the mayor lied on the witness stand during a police whistle-blower trial and gave misleading testimony about whether he intended to fire a deputy police chief investigating allegations of wrongdoing by members of his inner circle.

In an Obama administration, characters like Kilpatrick would be running the country.

Record, associations, judgment. Three strikes, go sit down.

Kilpatrick displays the long face his fellow Dems will be wearing in November.

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