Hurricane Spin From The Daily Kos

Because I’m so fair and balanced, I’d like to give you more perspective on the liberal view of hurricane Katrina.

I know that you may be surprised that there’s “hurricane spin,” but that seems like an apt description of “Put the N*ggers in the Superdome: Part II” by someone called “Flip Floss.”

This post is not up on some little blog with 8 readers either. It’s at the Daily Kos, the most popular liberal blog on the planet, and it’s currently linked on the front page.

Here are some excerpts from “Put the N*ggers in the Superdome: Part II:”

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“What I am going to say now is that there are thousands who are dying and dead. They will be scandal and rioting and rightly so in my opinion as the “Negroes” of New Orleans and tourists were left to drown. And that’s what happened to a lot of people but the news media and the public is slow to announce and realize the obvious.

I am not going to apologize for being perceptive and reading between the lines. If you can’t see that the poor people were herded into the unsafe Superdome because no one cares about them then that is not a problem I can address.

…Yes it is Bush’s fault. He’s on vacation again. And he put National Guard troops who could have saved American lives in Iraq so they could run around senselessly and be blown up. That war is over and has been over.

…I am very angry at what’s happening in New Orleans. This event, I believe is only beginning to unfold not just in terms of the deaths but also of the social destruction of the Black population that is now being blamed for looting. I’d loot too! It’s quite insane there is no food, water, electricity or housing. I would take whatever is available to survive and make myself comfortable and not worry about paying for it.”

There you go, folks. Is it any wonder that the Daily Kos draws hundreds of thousands of liberals every day with that sort of sparkling analysis on display?

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for the story.

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