The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Pro-Looting Liberals Part 2

Just because I find this line of thinking to be surprisingly perverse, even for a bunch of liberals at the DU, here are more quotes from patrons of the Democratic Underground who’ve spoken out in favor of looting:

manic expression: 1.) Getting necessities, or very near necessities (as in having something to wipe their asses with). This is more than justified.

2.) Left out in the could by the rich and the government, and now they are taking what they need and what they want, something that is routinely denied to them on a regular basis.

If they take food, water, alcohol (a valuable medical asset, by the way), there is NO PROBLEM with that. If they take toilet paper, there is NO PROBLEM with that. Any person with half a heart will agree with me on those points.

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However, if they take TV’s, computers, shoes and the like, that is NOT unreasonable, as they are forced through lack of money and lack of other people’s empathy to be subjected to the brutality of the storm, they are completely within their rights to take this opportunity to help themselves and their families. That is my opinion, and I believe that anyone with a sense of real justice will agree with me on those points.

Keep in mind that no one reached out a helping hand to those who could not leave before the storm, and then those who are subjected to it are expected to simply “take it”, and leave the fortunate people’s possessions alone? Please!

Try not to be judgmental of disaster-survivors while you sit in safety

William Bloode: If they are stealing food and water, do it without shame. If they are stealing a bit of alcohol, more power too them. After the hell they have been and are still going through they might need a drink. If they might take a few things other from the store thats o.k. with me too.

The poor and needy were abandoned to this hell, when those in charge should have done everything available to get them to safety. So do what it takes to make ya feel better, as long as it does not physically harm anyone else.

And for those who don’t have a clue. Find a Red Cross, or whatever. I am quite sure in this mess they have no where near the supplies to fulfill needs. People should do what it takes to survive.

I know if it was me and i was in that situation of desperation and had to help my family. I would not have a problem with a bit of violence if thats what it took to provide.

Thtwudbeme: I seriously doubt one poster on DU personally knows any of the looters in the places hit by Katrina, or their reasons for looting.

I am sure there are SOME opportunistic people in these places who are taking big buck stuff…but, I am just as sure that most of the people are trying to get DINNER.

I hate that this storm has offended so many people’s delicate sensibilities on DU.

Manners don’t keep your stomach full, and morals and ethics don’t taste all that great.

Stuff the looting posts; there are people dying right now.


Lex: I’d rather people take what they need in terms of first aid supplies and food and water, EVEN IF that means that some other people are taking TVs.

The good outweighs the bad in the long term, imho.

IanDB1: I suppose they could Buy Blue and Loot Red? I don’t blame them. They were abandoned before the storm.

They were abandoned during the storm.

Why should they believe that they won’t be abandoned AFTER the storm?

They’d be foolish to assume that they’ll be given all the food and water they need, or that the government and insurance companies will put their lives back together.

And the bankruptcy courts sure won’t help them.

Pacifist Patriot: You know. I really don’t care if someone is helping himself to jeans. I don’t condone senseless looting nor do I find it reasonable. But there is nothing reasonable about what is happening in that area. We can’t expect normal people to behave rationally. I would suspect the “worst” of the looters take advantage of any possible situation, not just catastrophes.

As for “looting” grocery stores and drug stores for food, water, diapers, etc….I hope it helps these poor individuals survive. Last year when I stocked up for Frances and Jeanne I made sure I had plenty of bottled water, diapers and canned food. But what if I returned to find those supplies buried under twenty feet of water and no access to my money? I’d have fed and cared for my family any way I could and faced the consequences later.

Have mercy and compassion on those less fortunate than us. Yes, even the people helping themselves to soggy jeans and water-logged CD players. They are still in hell.

Sparkman: LOOT for survival….not a problem. Stealing to feed children’s no crime. AND you can’t carry on raising kids and living if you don’t have STUFF. So count me a looter supporter, put me on the jury, INNOCENT your honor!!

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