Hypocrisy Overload

Hypocrisy Overload: I wanted to post this snippet from today’s Raspberry column because I thought it was so incredibly hypocritical and because I’ve heard similar sentiments voiced over & over again by other lefties…

“(The Democrats) lost an election that should have been theirs on a gimme, requiring, for instance, only that their standard-bearer carry his home state — or that the Supreme Court stay out of the matter. I mention that for a reason. Imagine, if you will, the same airtight campaign with the prize going to the Democrats, helped out publicly by officials sworn to neutrality. The airwaves would crackle with cries of righteous indignation and accusations of illegitimacy. The Republicans — most certainly conservative Republicans — wouldn’t have let the matter die.

The Democrats did.

And while I’m glad they did — we’ve strife enough without the sort of endless jabbing and rabble-rousing the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson promised to lead after the Supreme Court’s delivery of the election to the Republicans — it might serve as an illustration of the differences between the two parties.”

So the Republicans were helped by the Supreme Court, “officials sworn to neutrality”? Well, what does Raspberry say about ultra-liberal Florida State Supreme Court? Where was their “neutrality” when they threw out the rules written before the election & ordered up two recounts judged unconstitutional 9-0 & 7-2? Had they actually been neutral, the USSC would have never had to get involved.

I also love the way he says Democrats “let the matter die” even as he in essence alleges that the USSC helped the Bush steal the election. Moreover, much of the American left is still atwitter about the 2000 elections. We’re more than two years out and if you read a variety of left-wing pages regularly you’ll run across references to it daily.

Page also complains that the Democrats didn’t speak out against the war enough, talks about the Democrats “admirable decorum”, claims Arianna Huffington is a Conservative (like David Horowitz is a Liberal I suppose), & then through Huffington calls Republicans “fanatics”.

Let me just call it as I see it; Raspberry and a lot of other lefties today are simply delusional. Maybe they’re furious that they’re out of power or perhaps their loathing of George Bush has driven them over the edge. Heck, it could just be that they’ve started to believe their own spin. But in any case, they’ve stopped seeing reality clearly and that’s a very dangerous thing for a political party because it causes you to spend a lot of time tilting at windmills instead of grappling with issues that can help you. Of course, that suits me just fine. It gives me lots of easy targets to take aim at on RWN and helps the GOP win elections. But, were I a Democrat, I’d be very concerned…

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