I Am A Paecemaker! Peace Is My Gun!

I Am A Paecemaker! Peace Is My Gun!: Hadez who on occasion writes, does graphics, and proofreading for RWN let me know last night that he had a live one on ICQ. It seems that when Hadez created his ICQ account years ago, he put down Iraq as his home country on a lark. Well, some guy from Brazil who claimed to have a radio show ICQ’d Hadez last night and started asking him all sorts of questions with an anti-American slant about Iraq. So Hadez decided to goof on him by making up all kinds of BS in an effort to get him to broadcast it over the radio in Brazil. Then he told me about it and I decided to get in on the act.

Five minutes later, after making a few changes to my ICQ details, Jordan Abdul, AKA Holywarrior was born. I then added “Doug” (the name was changed to protect the ignorant from harassment) to his ICQ list. Hadez had already told him I was his professor at Baghdad U and that I was one of Saddam’s cousins. Here’s the cleaned-up transcript of the ICQ prank… (Cont)

***Update***: Hadez put the transcript of his conversation with “Doug” up on the web as well. Do keep in mind that Hadez wasn’t trying to be funny — well except for the robot part near the end — he was just feeding him misinformation. You can read it here.

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