Paris — Future Nobel Prize Winner?

Paris — Future Nobel Prize Winner?: Someone call Russell Simmons, I’ve found a new musician for his Musicians United to Win Without War group.

Rapper Paris has offered up this tasteful cover art for his new CD, Sonic Jihad‘. I know some of you may be upset by the grotesque pic, but remember, as we’ve learned from the anti-war movement, dissent is patriotism!

As if that weren’t enough dissent, here are some of the lyrics from his song, “Bush Killa” which was written in 1992 off of his album, “Sleeping with the Enemy.” You may not have heard of this one because according to his website it was, “intentionally suppressed by the recording establishment.”

“Yeah, tolerance is gettin thinner
Cause Iraq never called me “n*gger”
So what I wanna go off and fight a war for?
You best believe I got your draft card!
So bad to hate somebody else
But much worse to hate yourself
Victim to the mentacide of the devil why
must black folk be made to die?

“He’s been shot!” “The president is dead”
Yeah, it’s P-Dog the Bush Killa
“Oh my God!” “That man shot the president”

…Yeah, so where’s he at? I might wait
for his motherf*ckin *ss on a rooftop next tour
Buckin stone cause I’m known to play for keeps
Lay low to the flow and keep it neat
And send his *ss home belly up
Should’ve listened to the facts that the black’s been tellin ya
It’s no suprise that a brother got wise
Now rat-a-tat-tat, it’s an eye for an eye I’m in it, got to die before we see
the motherf*ckers don’t give a damn for you or me
So wear a vest on your chest and the rest stand still
For P-Dog the Bush Killa, yeah!”

You may also want to read an article called, “Paris, Patriotic Terrorist” that was linked on the press page. It’s from a page in New Zealand called NZhiphop. Here’s the closing paragraph…

“Needless to say, Paris is far form an ‘enemy of the state’, much rather a patriot in true definition, something the powers that be fear and will definitely be threatened by in some form or another “I will say that most people who are chest-beating with the Amerikkkan flag right now are victims of propaganda. Being a ‘patriot’is supposed to mean one questions the system here, not buckles under it. Blind faith in any government always leads to tragedy and hardship.”

Think of the possibilities that are open to this guy right now. As I mentioned, he could hook up with Russell Simmons and company, maybe he could do a duet with George Michael, Noam Chomsky might need a musical opener for his lectures, or Paris could even play a few anti-war rallies. I’d bet this guy could build a real following in Germany and Belgium — heck, France might even make him and honorary citizen. And dare I say it, could a Nobel Peace Prize be in this man’s future? I mean if Jimmy Carter got the award to present a, “kick in the leg to all that follow the same line as the United States,” imagine what kind of a “kick” giving the award to this guy would be. I know that may be a longshot, but if Yasser Arafat can get a Nobel Peace Prize, why not Paris?

***Update***: RWN reader Derrick from Daily Generic pointed out a small bio of Paris by the All Music Guide that was apparently written before the latest album was slated to debut. It concludes with this line…

“When he returned with Unleashed in 1998, he’d largely abandoned his trademark political fury in favor of watered-down G-funk and gangsta clichés. He retired from hip-hop not long after and put his economics degree to use as a successful stockbroker.”

Yeah “the man” is really keeping him down huh? All that anger, all that rage, all that fury about what a rotten place America is and this guy is a “successful stockbroker.” In light of this, you know who this guy reminds me of? The angry black comic book artist from “Chasing Amy.” The only thing worse than someone who believes all this incendiary rhetoric is a cynical scumbag who’s just saying it to try to make a buck…

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