I Ask You To Judge

I Ask You To Judge Me By The Enemies I Have Made — FDR: One of the Nazi sympathizers at Stormfront finally ran across our A.C.P.O.T.I. section….

Jack_Boot: “Well, my friends, we’ve made the cut for another neocon Net-fly’s hate list, this time it’s somebody we’ve never heard of called John Hawkins, running a site he calls rightwingnews. I only skimmed it, but he singles out a few of us at SF for special treatment, calling us “idiots” and “morons”, while elsewhere gushing over neocon leading light Jonah Goldberg, the jew editor at National Review currently leading that once-honorable magazine down the path to the New World Order and multi-cultural glory.

I blush to say that Hawkins considered me personally worthy of the toe of his cyber-boot, along with Sensible Shoes, Foster8814, Heritage_not_hate, Prokonsul, and a few others.


John does NOT agree with our assessment of Adolf Hitler. He also says finding morons on Stormfront is like shooting fish in a barrel. But I’ll happy to go gray-cell-to-gray-cell with John any day, his forum or ours.

And since we’re getting personal, John, and you have called me an idiot, I say you are a jew or a jew’s suckpoop, maybe you care to clarify which. Can’t be both and you can’t be anything else. It’s either “A” or “B”.

I’ll send John a personal invitation to join our forum. I’m SURE he’ll be happy to have us join his.”

What can I say? Between these guys, the Islamo-fascists at the Youth Of Islam forums, the angry black guys with chips on their shoulders at Uppity Negro, & the hippie peaceniks at Warblogger Watch I’m annoying all the right people….

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