I KNEW We Couldn’t Trust

I KNEW We Couldn’t Trust Putin!: Conventional wisdom says that al-Queda was behind the 911 attacks but as we know from reading every left-wing site on the planet; we must mindlessly question everything, especially if it appears to be incredibly obvious! So if the Bin Laden gang wasn’t behind 911, who was? The tinfoil hat crowd and the left-wingers have offered up a number of suspects including George Bush himself, the Trilateral Commission, the Mossad, the Jews (in general), the Pentagon, big oil, Right-Wing militia groups, and even a ‘consortium of flag and silk manufacturers’ hoping to make money from selling the flag. But there was one choice that was so obvious we all missed it, our long-time enemies — the Russians! Thank goodness for the nuts at Thatcher Thunders or we would of been snookered by Putin, the Russian Bear-in-chief himself! Apparently the last decade or so was only a clever ruse designed to lull us into a false sense of confidence while the Evil Empire hatched their master plan with the help of…take one wild guess…it’s the one group that gets included in every crackpot conspiracy theory somehow…yes, that’s right, those crafty Jews! I’ll let the website take it from here…

“Our government should NOT unwittingly accept any material “aid” from Russia that will arrive by large aircraft transports. The Russians have a final plan with various options at the present time. Airborne invasion and creating airheads by taking over our airports, ideally without nuclear attack with ICBMs and bomber aircraft, is one of the plans. They also plan to take over our harbors so their transport ships can move in and unload without interference. Some of their war equipment is already here in special warehouses and in salt dome caverns. The Russians will play it out, cloaking much of their activity with disinformation (some of it coming from their agents in our own news media and government) to keep us confused.

Presently it seems America and our leadership have sent our military soldiers into harm’s way on the opposite side of the world! They, plus the aircraft carrier task forces, will not be here to defend America. It’s part of the plan to destroy us.

…The Russians (and Edomite Jews who run Russia and America) are behind it all. They are clever, even brilliant planners, who are now executing the first blatantly overt phase of their attack. They are getting help from unwitting Arabs (who hate the Jews), Jews in high places, and American Communist agents within our own government, military, and population. We, the American and Canadian people, and the Christian West are the targets. If North America falls, our enemies feel that the rest of Europe will fall in line with their demands.”

Semi-serious question; why do the Jews always end up as the group that’s supposed to be in the middle of every dastardly conspiracy? Why couldn’t it be the Cubans who were supposedly sent here as double agents of Castro or let’s say the Indians who’re angry that we mistreated their ancestors? Furthermore, if Jews are supposed to be such evil-supra geniuses, how did so many of them end up getting shoved into a country the size of a parking lot that seems to be almost the only place in the whole Middle East without any oil? Moreover, if Jews actually control the US, why is it that they overwhelmingly vote Democrat, and yet the Republicans control the Presidency, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and are fighting for control of the Senate? Also, all these conspiracies seem to treat the Jews as if they’re all working together against the rest of the world. How can anybody who’s ever followed the incessant backstabbing and infighting in Israeli politics believe that? Of course, asking logical questions to the tinfoil hat crowd is a waste of time anyway but you never know, maybe one of them is on their medicine right now and these questions might help them cut through the artificial brain waves the black helicopters are sending down to control their thoughts. At least I tried to help….

Thanks to Something Awful for the link.

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