I Don’t Think They’re Going To Ride A Tax Increase To The Presidency

When Bill Clinton was elected in 1992, he promised to cut taxes. Sure he lied — big shocker there I know — but at least he was smart enough to understand that you’re going to have one heck of a tough time getting elected President if you’re promising to raise people’s taxes. Unfortunately for the Democrats, the current crop of Dems trying to win the White House don’t seem to understand that. As RNC Research is pointing out, every one of the Dem’s top tier candidates are promising to wipe out part or even all of Bush’s tax cuts if they’re elected…

“Dean (D-VT) Wants To Raise Taxes. “We must repeal the entire package of cuts – both those signed today and those passed in 2001.” (Thomas Beaumont, “Dean Touts Wiping Out Tax Cuts,” Des Moines Register, 5/31/03)

Gephardt (D-MO) Wants To Raise Taxes. “The short answer is that we pass a law requiring every employer to provide access to quality coverage, with employer tax credits covering most of the cost. We pay for it by repealing the Bush tax cuts. It’s why legislation repealing the Bush tax cuts and using the money to pay for universal access to health care will be the first bill I send to Congress as President of the United States.” (Rep. Gephardt, Remarks At 1199 SEIU, NYC, 4/23/03)

Kerry (D-MA) Wants To Raise Taxes. “We have to either roll back or prevent the top end of Bush tax cuts from taking place … I’m prepared to go at it and say we’re going to take it away.” (“Kerry: ‘Worst Jobs Record’ Since Hoover,” The Washington Post, 7/11/03)

Edwards (D-NC) Wants To Raise Taxes. “I will ask Congress to cancel the 2001 and 2003 income, dividend, and estate tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans in the upper two brackets.” (Sen. John Edwards, Remarks At Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., 6/17/03)

Clark (D-AR) Wants To Raise Taxes. “I will reduce the tax cuts Mr. Bush gave the richest households – those making more than $200,000 a year …” (Gen. Wesley Clark, Remarks At East River Park, New York City, 9/24/03)

Lieberman (D-CT) Wants To Raise Taxes. ‘“We need to take some of those tax cuts to people with incomes over $250,000 a year away. They don’t need it,’ Lieberman said.” (Julie Bisbee, “Lieberman Criticizes Bush, Calls For Middle-Class Tax Relief,” The Associated Press, 10/14/03)”

Even when the economy is bad, promising to increase the tax burden on the American people is only going to hurt you at the ballot box. But if the economy is doing well — and some economists are predicting as much as 7% growth of the economy during the third quarter — tax increases are going to be about as popular as Linda Tripp at a Clinton family BBQ.

You have to remember that when Bush came into office there was a recession & there were corporate scandals in progress that would later break. Then to top it all off 9/11 happened early in his term. All of these things were big drags on the economy. So what did Bush do? He told everyone the solution was tax cuts to stimulate the economy and what do you know, now the economy seems be coming back in a big way again just like Bush said it would. If the good economic news keeps on flooding in — and that looks likely at this point — the Democratic candidates are going to really regret shooting off their big mouths about hiking taxes when election time rolls around next year.

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