I Get Emails: The Martial Law Edition

From an email I received,

Mr., Hawkins,

I was just handed an article from the website globalresearch.ca by a friend who is a left wing conspiracy theorist.

The article “Bush to be Dictator in a Catastrophic Emergency” by Lee Rogers says that a directive called the National Security

and Homeland Security Presidential Directive gives President Bush dictatorial powers should some catastrophe happen in the future.

In your opinion, what are the chances that this might actually happen?

PS — I’m a regular reader of your blog and really enjoy it.

Randy Mullen

Answer: What are the chances that George Bush may become a dictator? Zero…well, I shouldn’t say that. I mean theoretically, there’s a chance that aliens could come down in saucers and threaten to obliterate the human race unless George Bush stays on as President for another month or two because they love the way he says “nuclear.” However, that’s probably only marginally less likely than George Bush becoming a dictator without the help of little green men from Mars.

Moreover, even the directive that this guy cites, which you can read here, isn’t disturbing at all, it doesn’t overrule the Constitution, nor does it grant Bush dictatorial powers. Basically, it’s nothing more than a way to insure that the government continues on if a nuclear weapon goes off in DC or if some other similarly catastrophic event were to occur.

So, file this one away with the North American Union, the government sticking all the liberals in concentration camps, and the ridiculous conspiracy theories that easily deluded people tend to buy into.

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