Is Fred Thompson Getting Cold Feet?

Originally, there was talk that Fred Thompson would get into the 2008 race as early as July 4. But, now? There’s talk that Fred may not get in until October,

Indianapolis is an important stop this weekend for many frontrunners for the 2008 presidential nomination.

The Midwest Republican Leadership Conference continued Saturday with former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson addressing the crowd.

…”They changed the rules of the game in politics this year. I wasn’t in the room when the rules were made, so I’m not announcing as soon as they announce,” Thompson said. “I don’t feel compelled to raise $100 million this year, which they said was (needed) to run for president.”

Thompson said he expects to officially announce his candidacy in either September or October.

Is it true that Fred may wait until October? If so, it would be an enormous mistake. The base is already starting to get antsy about how long it’s taking Fred to get in and there will be speculation that he’s not going in at all if he actually waits that long.

Moreover, Fred really can’t afford to wait another whole month to get his fund raising operation in full gear. The first primary is a little more than 4 months away and Rudy Giuliani has been building a huge warchest. If Fred dawdles for another month, it’s entirely possible that America’s mayor, who currently has a small lead on him in the national polls, could have a 20 million dollar edge on Fred with about 90 days left to go.

If anything, Fred has taken too long to get in already and if he decided to wait until October, it could potentially turn out to be such a big blunder that it could prevent him from capturing the nomination.

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