Larry Craig’s Comfort Room Cruising

Every time I read about a Republican politician like David Vitter, Mark Foley, Jack Ryan, & now Larry Craig letting his libido endanger his career, I just scratch my head.

Setting aside the whole hypocrisy issue (personally, I am at least glad Republican pols have morals to potentially be hypocritical about as opposed to Democratic pols who have an “anything that won’t get me kicked out of office” is fine mentality), it amazes me that these politicians would be so careless with their own careers and the reputation of the GOP.

In the case of Larry Craig, a US Senator with a wife, 3 step kids, and 9 grandkids, that it might be a good idea to go into an airport bathroom for some anonymous gay sex with a stranger? What is he, like a dog in heat, who just can’t stop himself? It’s pathetic.

Whatever he was thinking or alternately, not thinking, let’s hope that he has enough dignity left not to run for office again in 2008.

In fact, that may be the one saving grace for Republicans in this whole affair: Lt. Gov. Jim Risch & Attorney General Lawrence Wasden have already been discussed as primary challengers to Craig and that means hopefully, there will be a couple of strong challengers ready to step in and run in 2008 so that the GOP can hold Craig’s seat.

PS: If Larry Craig were to take a notion to go ahead and resign in disgrace, well, let’s just say that there wouldn’t be many people trying to talk him out of it — hint, hint.

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